Our beers
Tekstvak: Netebuk

Netebuk is a blond ale which contains 6,5% alcohol. Let me point out the carefully chosen hops which makes for a nice flow of the bitterness in your mouth.

Make sure to ask about the legend of the Netebuk when visiting the brewery!
Tekstvak: Manten

In this Brown beer with 6% of alcohol, we put the emphasis on the malt. When tasting you can sense a transition from caramel to roasted chocolate. No herbs were added in order to fully enjoy the carefully chosen types of malt from our region.
Manten and his wife Kalle hit the bells of the bellfry in Kortrijk every hour
Tekstvak: Kalle

This blond spicy triple has a alcoholpercentage of 8. Coriander was added in order to become a fruity taste.

In the middle ages Kalle was the highest woman in rank in Kortrijk.
Tekstvak: Vlaskapelle

This Flemish red beer with an alcohol percentage of 5 is an easy drinker with touches of caramel and senses of burnt chocolatearomas. Also with the addition of whiskymalt you can enjoy a nice and surprising afterglow.
There’s a statue of the man on the label in Gullegem.
Tekstvak: Robustus

This ambercolored beer with 10% alcohol had the opportunity to mature in all the peace and quiet of our lagertank during a period of 6 months. Robustus is brewed only once a year in order to offer you a beer with a full, rich embodied malty taste pallet.
Collect each of the limited edition bottles of every year!

Brewery Gulden Spoor

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