Brewery Gulden Spoor

Welcome at brewery Gulden Spoor .

It al began in 2003 as brewery ‘t Brouwkot. The brewery became fully functional after the renovation of a barn. All the necessary precautions were made and regulations were followed to be allowed to work with products for human consumption. The brewers Kim Olievier and Björn Desmadryl run the brewery with the objective to deliver high quality beers by using  only locally cultivated ingredients. The beers are still manufactured following the old traditional craft of brewing in these times of mass production. With the help from Peter & Kathleen (owners of ‘t Rusteel)  it became possible to expand the installation to a capacity of 1500hL per year. Along with the expansion came a new name in order to keep a connection with the location of the brewery in the region of the Leie and its rich history.


“Barleymoist is our craft”

Tekstvak: The installation of 
brewery ‘t Brouwkot
with a capacity of 5hL
Tekstvak: The new installation of brewery Gulden Spoor with a capacity of 10 hl per batch